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James Glickenhaus is known and recognized to be passionate by nice mecanics, especially Italian Cars. He's responsible of the project to remake the Ferrari P4 with Pininfarina. It was made with the P4/5 introduced at Paris in 2006. I have never got the chance to see it, but I keep trust to show you on Forza Passione. He is very satifacted of his car, but he is more for owning one very rare Ferrari P4 (#0846) witch had run at Le Mans in 1967.

But P4/5 isn't made for competition. It's also not Omologato for race. Nevertheless, for James, competition is the essence of Ferrari. That's the reason why he decided to make the P4/5 Competizione project. This car would not based on Enzo, like road version, but in a mixed frame between Ferrari 430 GT2 (FIA registred) and a 430 Scuderia. It took V8 engine from the GT2. The P4/5C couldn't use Ferrari name or logo because of rights, but it got the heart and the Aura. So is born SCG "Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus".

One more time, I can resist to propose you a maximum of pictures. Sorted by chronological order of the Villa d'Este week-end. Firstable, Saturday exposition, waiting and going to the parade and finally the sunday exposition.

We can instantly see a complete carbon body. We have a race car in front of us.

Of course, la Villa d'Este is used to show us historical cars, not a car in development, but I'm sure the P4/5C will have its place on Races books.

After a fine weather in afternoon, the parade of the P4/5C was under big rain. Nobody was staying on the terrace to appreciate it.

A bad visibility, a windscreen with mist, pavement and tires not adapted made James hit a border. He will say me later that for race cars, incidents must not be a problem. I'm agree with him, but it's sad when it happened outside a race.

Happily, next day at Villa Erba, this incident was forgotten and the sun was great.

I could make some pictures of the cockpit when there was nobody. It's really a race car!

The engine: however. We can see it and the work made by Pro To.

This car presents all details, some like a road car: badges, license plate (near from P4/5) et number 23, taken from #0846.

Light seems taken from P4/5, but they will probably change in 2012. Rear view miror are laid like a sculpture.

Side remember me 1967 P4, with big air intake and mined doors.

Light effects on carbon fiber.

Aileron is necessary for the race but it break the perfect line of the car. It will be also modify in 2012 to have more lateral potency. Without speed, we could see water staying on it. Crazy show!

The P4/5 Competizione has run at 24h du Nürburgring and for some others opportunities. It's now preparing for 2012 specifications.

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I want to thank James Glickenhaus for showing it to us, for his friendship and the time given to talk.

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