Peugeot 207 CC


The passion for cars is not just for prestigious brands. Fortunately and for several reasons: The first is that in France we do not have brand in this category (Bugatti is in France but under control of VAG) and then as our auto industry employs a significant proportion of workers. Our builders are able to make us fun cars. That I present to you today is, I think, a good example. Peugeot 207cc, Coupe-Convertible, was released in spring 2007 to succeed the 206cc, the first city car in the world with a retractable hardtop. Although at present most convertibles are with a hardtop, class of city car has only very little. Although here is a 2007 model, the 207cc is still in the catalog but is restyled Peugeot since summer 2009.

Our 207cc of the day is a Feline version with a 1.6-liter VTI petrol engine 120hp. That might seem small for a car that accuses 1350 kg empty, but the system of variable valve lift allows for good acceleration from 2 000Trs / min and up to more than 6 000 Top speed given by the manufacturer is 192km / h, we have reached, Germany, the 200km / h on the clock (roof closed position). The color Blue Neysha is metallic, slightly pearly with greenish reflections, which goes very well with a leather interior Oran.

The interior features four seats, but the two at the back will be reserved for short trips in the open position in the case of adults. They are most often condemned by air drafts allowing front occupants do not suffer the disruption of air due to the speed.

Leather, aluminum inserts and rims Hockenheim 17" take up the sport side of the car.

But the performance is not (necessarily) the purpose of the car. At the wheel of the cruiser envy is stronger.

Opening the roof takes in about twenty seconds. I did not try to get an accurate value, it happens fast enough. The movement can be made up to 10km / h, but for trying, it's not interesting. A red light is more conducive to this

The marriage of tan and blue is for me the most beautiful on this car, pity that this configuration is no longer available in the catalog today.

Once again a Peugeot fits among supercars, but my attachment to that brand and the blow of heart for this car was a great opportunity to enjoy the sun rarely given to us in this August.

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