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Text: Jacky FAVRE - Photos: Christelle SOMMEREISEN - Jacky FAVRE

The 2014 Geneva Motor Show did not escaped my tradition to open the new season of automobiles events. Although the 2013 edition was very rich with the presentations of the LaFerrari, P1 and other little gems, 2014 already announced a new Ferrari. Or rather, an evolution of the California, becoming T for turbo. Officially unveiled on February 12 in Modena, I remind you that Forza Passione was the first to publish the photo via Facebook network.

But start the tour in order with on this page only Ferrari present in Geneva. (Don't look for Mansory or other preparers, I'm not interested in their work.)

Meanwhile the curtain on California T, visit a few places, namely the Ferrari stand which does not change greatly from one year to another. First We have salon to receive guests, and the bar to offer them all kinds of snacks.

Decoration dream collector as I am, especially with Amalgam 1/8th models.

All these objects are for sale, including Hublot watches, very important partner of Ferrari and the Scuderia. Here, a California T already revealed! It made her smile the hostess.

The workshop Tailor Made no longer needs to be introduced but it exposes whenever a single model, with the possible customizations. I will return later on the model of this edition.

As you may have noticed, I now try to share some videos. Here is a first summarize the private part of the stand.


Now talking about cars. No 458 Italia coupé this year, but a 458 Spider Rosso Corsa (#200848).

It is not a novelty, but I did cross furtively. The Special 458 is a new chapter for me that I can work pending California T. This copy (# 201544) has a gray dress with black strippes. It's simple, maybe a little too quiet but tasteful. The aerodynamic work is really impressive.

The engine is beautiful...

As for the interior the tradition is respected with a stripped atmosphere, carbon and alcantara. This does not preclude having the set of matching luggage.

The F12 is discreet. With its dress Nero Stellato, # 201566 class is to do an English blush.

FF has a technological innovation that only seen inside. Indeed, it is the first model in the world to be equipped with Carplay Apple system, therefore become supplier of Ferrari. Responsible marketing of the brand at Apple has also made ​​the trip. The new California T also adopt this system. (# 201437)

A second FF (# 201600) was present in the Tailor Made Workshop with a color that suits her rather well: Mat Argento. The interior is blue, flawless taste. Do not forget the picnic bag for your trips Country!

The Ferrari stand attracts the public, journalists, but also the family. It could come across René Arnoux, Jean Alesi or Jean Todt.

Approach the heart of the matter with the new California T. At 7:30, the stand is deserted, perfect for photos, unfortunately, the cars are covered. It does not matter, the engine, V8 Bi-turbo 560ch is there. I was very surprised by its compactness.

Press conference is starting. Once again, Luca De Montezemolo is talking.

This is the complete conference as you were here:


And it is finally time to pull the sheets.

This first (#200763) is two-tone. A nice confioguration but not enhanced indoors.

Find it in video:


The whiote one (#199978) is two-tone too. Better to see the design details.

And this blue one (#200090) was on Pininfarina stand. For me, the most beautyful.

In halle7 I met a 599 GTO (# 175274) on Vulcanet stand. The disadvantage is that the manufacturer promotes easy cleaning wipes. Therefore, they always expose a dirty car to wash it ...

An exhibition was dedicated to the 24 Hours of Le Mans. So glad we found 0014M: a 1949 166MM.

And this 290MM (#0606).

The rest of my visit is here.

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