Tour Auto Optic 2000 - April, 9th 2014


Text: Jacky FAVRE - Photos: Christelle SOMMEREISEN - Jacky FAVRE

We waited 5 years to see the return of the Grand Tour Auto in eastern France. After its usual passage to Dijon-Prenois track, the cars have therefore continued to Tour the Anneau du Rhin track, the first time, before joining the City of Automobile in Mulhouse, finish of the stage.

For this first day we chose to be present only on the circuit of the Anneau du Rhin. The paddock is accessible, we can approach the cars during their short stop. Indeed, they arrive at progressively but quickly called for the time trial on the hot track Alsatian. The last will roll besides the dark.

I don't show you the Ferrari in the order of their arrival, but by bib number. Here is to start a 1961 Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta.

1965 Ferrari 275 GTB Competizione.

1965 Ferrari 275 GTB/2.

1966 Ferrari 275 GTB/4.

1957 Ferrari 250 GT Boano seems not to be cut for the competition, but what a pleasure to see its ride.

The 1952 212 Inter is also a rare car on such a race.

One of the 275 GTB/4.

Like previus one, another 1967 body.

The Ferrari 365 GTB/4 GrIV is a real race car.

As the 275 GTB, Dino are a lot on the Tour Auto. Here, a 1970 246 GT.

1967 Ferrari 275 GTB. See it running on the night is really funny, but pictures aren't good...

A classy Ferrari 250 GT Lusso.

Two others Dino made in 1972...

Another one from 1971.

And a nice 1972 Rosso Dino one.

Here is a One-Off model: The 365 GTB / 4 Michelotti NART Spyder. Its design is not its strength, but this was not its vocation since raced at Le Mans in 1975 and 24 hours of Daytona in 1978. others cars were built but they were different because they're road cars. You can find some detail about this racecar here:

For bib 223, I expected a Lotus, but finally this Ferrari 275 GTB / C that happened.

Second Ferrari 250 GT SWB Berlinetta, 1960.

And the last, 1960 too.

Undoubtedly, the star of this year's Tour Auto was the Ferrari 250 GT "Breadvan". I missed it during the Supercars exhibition in Maranello, but I had the pleasure to discover here in motion.

1966 Ferrari 275 GTB.

Another 275 GTB.

Moderne era now with five 308 GTB GrIV:

But only this one took time in front of the camera!

This last wasn't registred on my cars list.

That's done for the Ferrari participating in the event. Find them in my second day on the Tour Auto.
Other brands will be visible shortly.
Discover all others Ferrari came for running with oldies here.

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