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Text: Jacky FAVRE - Photos: Christelle SOMMEREISEN - Jacky FAVRE

The Tour Auto Optic 2000 is the annual meeting place for all brands in France to reach the largest audience thanks to its journey. In addition to the most beautiful roads in our country, every step is an opportunity to find a circuit that was the French automotive history. And it is on the circuit of Dijon-Prenois I decided to render me this year. Of the five days of the Tour, the weather has spared competitors almost that day. A godsend for me.

The headliner for this year 2012 is the 250 GTO which celebrates its 50 years. Unfortunately at Prenois, only one copy turned on the track. Model seen in this event in 2009. For its birthday, it seems that the beautiful has given a complete restoration because its painting is of a brilliance greater than leaving the factory. I'm pretty focused on this model at the expense of other interesting models. But Circuit events have the disadvantage of being difficult to manage because it is impossible to follow the cars on track and monitor arrivals in the paddock.

Let's start with one of the first view in the paddock, the 250 GTO.

Found among dozens of competing brands, this superb 250LM might well have gone unnoticed.

Ditto for the 250GT SWB came from the USA to relive the Tour Auto it won 50 years earlier.

The inevitables 275GTB are still present in numbers on the Tour.

Much less common, this 250 Boano

Dino also form part of the history of the competition.

Used to open the way to the old, Gilbert Lestrade accompanied this year by her daughter Severine, came with his 458 Spider. Excellent driver, I was delighted to see him prepare to take to the track with his new car.

Other openers, the duo Schwingen was there with his 599GTO, two other copies were coming to find them. Note that under its historic black dress, a copy hiding preparation by Novitech Rosso to deliver 888ch.

Before shifting to "visitors" side, I wanted to make a small exception to the brand from Maranello for a cousin that is unlike anything known: the Lancia Stratos equipped with the V6 Dino.

And to close this rather nice day, here are a cars seen in the parking lot of the guests:

A day rather full, and although the frustration of not seeing all the cars is here, satisfaction outperforms.

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