22nd Sport & Collection - June 2016


Text: Jacky FAVRE - Photos: Christelle SOMMEREISEN - Jacky FAVRE

It's the event that represents the most my way of living my passion of cars. You can see, listen and even board the most beautiful sports cars in the modern automotive industry. So, a week before a major event in my personal life, this weekend at Sport & Collection will be all the more appreciated to relax.

As every year, departure on Thursday at 2am to arrive at the circuit early. But this year is the rain that welcomes us. Besides the weather will not be spared a lot of people this year.

For me the novelties expected are mainly the F12 tdf. Already three are there, all of different configurations. Others will arrive later in the weekend.

I take advantage that the courageous photographers are not too many to detail the model. The similarities with a F12 Berlinetta are finally really light, we are on an extremely redesigned model, optimized for performance.

It's always nice to see a F40 in the early morning. I will almost forget the rain ... A 458 Speciale attracts my attention. It has a unique dress that extends inside. Proud of its origins!

The faithful of the event arrive. The new toys are up to my expectations. The famous 488 GTB Tailor Made "Pioneer" which was presented at the Tour Auto. Accompanied by a F12 tdf in the colors of the French flag.

Yellow is fashionable and it is true that on the latest models, the Tristrato (Three layers) highlights the curves.

And to finish on the main models of this first day, a LaFerrari, a beautiful F50 (only in this angle) and a superb 599 Handling GTE.

Friday looks better on the weather. A 488 Spider is displayed in front of the Sport & Collection Village, an Enzo has joined the Supercars box and a beautiful 458 Spider stands out for its white coat with black strips.

This edition presents a novelty: a state competition Ferrari Classic. This makes it possible to attract a little more old ones to Sport and Collection which do not have the will to go on the track.

Yan Denes exposes again and it is besides he who realized the poster of this edition.

The most sporty models are preparing to go on the track ...

While the English championship Pirelli Ferrari Formula Classic UK run

On Saturday, all the cars of the competition are finally present and I find other models more known.

The 333SP are on track, as well as the Challenge

While starting the second race of the English championship, I go back in the paddock, to take a little height!

I come across this rare copy of the 599 Alonso (40 produced), a second 16M and a beautiful 355GTS yellow that makes us dream ...

Sunday is usually a stress-free day, all cars have been seen and each picture is just the bonus. This obviously has no influence on their number or quality. Let's start with the English F40 in free practice, then the Pozzi tray with the confirmed drivers of the forum Ferrarista. Séverine closes the march with the 488 "Pioneer".

I return to the paddock for the prize-giving of the state competition. The public is numerous and the space is limited to make the pictures. Then it's time for the parade, the old ones in the lead.

The three jewels of the Lestrade family, followed by three F12 tdf and a few hundred Ferrari! The moment of departure remains magical, joy is read on the faces of pilots, passengers and the public. Photographers often forget to drop the camera at this time and yet these rare moments deserve to be experienced with great attention.

Beyond the Ferrari, this gathering is always a discovery of other exceptional brands. The Lamborghini, always very colorful:

After the V10, place V12

McLaren 570 LT, AMG GTs, dual of yellow Maserati and Aston Martin N400.

The superb Jaguar D-Type. And some ancient glories ...

The Renault RS-01, a Lotus Elise first generation and an Exige V6 in which I was able to make a session. Then its Italian competitor, the Alfa Romeo 4C.

Let us pass on to the Porsches, always more numerous, as in the streets elsewhere. Boxster Spyder and latest grind of the GT3 RS.

The fabulous Cayman GT4 in which I was able to make a session also. Confirmation of the various journalistic opinions, it is an excellent car, typified like the Lotus. So more interesting on small roads than on a wide track and filled with even wider corners ...

The history of the Stuttgart Brand is ensured by the presence of models as mythical as a 917 or the Carrera 2.7, although in bulk.

I will finish by Peugeot, not for this RCZ Racing very friendly ...

... but by surprise organized by the SCAP (concessionaires of Poitiers) who brought the concept of the 308R HYbrid and especially the mule of development / demonstration that goes with it.

I had the immense privilege of getting on board for a demonstration. Used to work with Lion prototypes because of my work, there are few opportunities to test such machines. In order to truly exploit the potential of the craft, it was Gregory Guilvert who was behind the wheel.

The technical basis of the mullet remains a 308 GTI (interior and exterior) to which have been added the hybrid components, in particular the electric propulsion part. Although the video made on board does not render either the sound or the performance feelings, I can assure you that this baptism was my favorite over the weekend and even one of the most impressive I have experienced.

Another successful edition. The appointment is scheduled for next year. A big thanks to the organization, especially Jean-Pierre Doury. Thanks to Peugeot and SCAP for the demonstration of the 308R HYbrid.

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