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Text: Jacky FAVRE - Photos: Christelle SOMMEREISEN - Jacky FAVRE

Great Ferrari annual Mass in France is undoubtedly Sport & Collection on the track of Val-de-Vienne at Le Vigeant. This 19th edition has not failed to surprise us with his tray. If the 500 Ferrari announced are more or less present, the richness and diversity continue to grow thanks to the work done by the association and its president Jean-Pierre Doury. For preparing these four days of happiness and car sharing it's a full year of work for volunteers. And do not forget because we are all affected in some way, this event is for charity. All profits go to research against cancer.

I took this year thousands of photos, but I will not show you all because it would not be interesting. So I made a selection of 200 photographs (for this Ferrari section) to bring you the best range of vehicles present. This obviously does not represent a picture by car, but I prefer some detail beads rather than publishing fifty 458 Italia Rosso Corsa.

Let's start with older. They don't draw crowds as Enzo, but fans of the brand will certainly stop. The first is the 1951 Ferrari 195 Inter Ghia Coupe # 0089S. The second, used the event is a Ferrari 212 Export Motto Spyder # 0094E also 1951.

Beautifully restored, this is the 1953 Ferrari 340MM Scaglietti Spyder #0294AM. It has the characteristic of not resemble other 340MM. It is cased in the style of a 750 Monza.

Moreover here is a 750 Monza (# 0568M) which was one of the big surprises of this event. For the story, this car was sold by the collector Carlos Monteverde to an American. Thanks to Jean-Pierre Doury we had the pleasure of seeing this car before it left for the United States, where probably it will undergo a restoration.

Although the models are not the same every year, green cars of David Piper make the trip. It's always nice to see this racing legend driving these cars and to chat with after the session. Because this event is to Ferrari, he confessed this year will not bring other brands vehicles. So this year we had 330 P2 195 (# 0836) which unfortunately had a weakness in the head gasket.

Another frequent visitor, although it remains invisible: Brandon Wang and California.

Meanwhile, a 250 GT SWB is running on the track.

A 250 GTE remains in the paddock.

If the 750 Monza was a very nice surprise, the line-up of four 250 LM was just incredible. Note the exceptional presence of one of the deceased Pierre Bardinon, came from the collection of the Mas du Clos.

The 275 GTB/4 are always present in numbers. As well as the 275 GTS.

Time to Ferrari V8 starting with the 308 GTB

308 designed by Bertone is here in its race version: The Ferrai 308 GT4/LM 1974 (# 08020).

348 would it be afraid?

F355 and its line that does not age ...

The 360 is a model that starting to get affordable Used and allows enthusiasts to own without breaking the bank. At least for the basic version. For Challenge or Challenge Stradale, Ferrari designed it for drivers. And I have had the pleasure of sleeping at the same place as many of them. This is why I allowed myself to dwell a little on their way to the track.

The F430, in all its versions is also a very common model. There is something for everyone.

Ditto for the 458 that we know well since its release.

After the V8, the V6 Dino here, including a 206 GT Competition

Back to V12 with the Daytona, including a plexi who took me to a few laps: Magical.

It goes directly to the Testarossa with a rare blue one.

Another rare pearl: A spider Testarossa. Bodied by Lorenz & Rankl, it is the most beautiful effect. This is the first time I saw one.

The 550 Maranello is common, but a green with two-tone green / tan interior, a little less.

The 599 has not yet been replaced by the F12 this year. It will not be the same next year I think.

Sport & Collection allows me to have my yearly dose of F40. I never get tired of this car, especially in its LM version!

A Formula 1 was present in exposure while 333SP turn on track for the delight of the public.

Finally, a small series of group shots.

The appointment for the 20th edition is already taken. And it will be for me the 10th consecutive participation. I trust the organization to prepare a great event!

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