XVIII Sport & Collection
Day 2


Text: Jacky FAVRE - Photos: Christelle SOMMEREISEN - Jacky FAVRE

Friday is the first public day, but there is not much people yet. However, a lot of cars should arrive today. Sun is high, so no time to loose.

As the day before, I see that F40 are more and more coming for the 25th anniversary. I saw a black one which I had seen some years ago. It has a complete black leather interior. The evolution of the paddock give us a great decor.

It will be parked at side of a "classic" red.

No many cars in the paddock, but this Testarossa is well parked. Beautiful car!

I see F40 everywhere, not like this Daytona Spider (re-build).

Some drivers are ready to race during other are cleaning there car.

Walking on the paddock to see news cars.

Afetr a lot of modern cars, I see this old 250 GT Lusso.

Superamerica is still a beautiful ligne.

The Village Art de Vivre is near ready. GTO standing under a natural light.

In the stands, the light is not so good.

I go back outside...

Temperature is going up on the track.

Some special views with test cars. Ferrari has developed a in-board camera. It seems that GoPro market is highly asked...

The first track session.

The door of the F50 garage is open, but space and light don't give me good pics. Just out, I decide to go back on the track side for the legends of sport auto.

Special configuration for this California.

A big truck is arrived, I go to see what is in. A special F40 with stickers is alreday out.

I discover an other car in, with a known back, not seen often: the new F12

And to concluded, there is also this 500F2

The F12 will be parked in the Village, but the 500F2 will be hidden in the Classiche stand.

Sir David Piper is coming to see the new car from Maranello.

On the paddock, I can see really differents cars, olds or moderns.

A special 348 Barchetta, build by Pozzi with a 348 crashed.

New track session, there is now a lot of cars on.

Some drivers are looking for there limits...

Enzo on EAP stand

After the lunch, we come back to have the special sun light.

GTL are nice

The F12 show us its heart, and more.

GTO is really appreciated, but for photographs, there is just a little problem, red banners...

This 458 is slipping at the same place as me.

Drivers are waiting for the night session.

At the other side, the yellow F40 is alone.

The party will be starting soon in the Village, but we won't waiting for the free Champagne, too much work is coming tomorrow.

Flash back for other brands. This Lotus Exige is very rare in Aubergine color. The owner invite me in board for a session on track, let's go! Thanks to him for all.

Some others lotus are here.

I had the pleasure to discover 2 Porsche Spyder S and a 911 GT3 4.0.

Maserati, road and race cars. MC12 Corsa is really fabulous, but I have some regrets to find no Stradale version.

Too many McLaren! But it is really beautyful.

Only one Pagani, came with Mr Carugati.

And to finish, the Lamborghini.

This report is long, compared to other, but I want to show you the maximum.

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