XVIII Sport & Collection
Day 1


Text: Jacky FAVRE - Photos: Christelle SOMMEREISEN - Jacky FAVRE

500 Ferrari against cancer

This is the 8th time I'm going to Le Vigeant Track for this event became one of the most important in France. And all years, it's a wonder to find so much Ferrari. We're thursday, I have just driven for 6hours to cross my country for a exceptional week-end.

Thursday is use for logistics on the paddock, but a lot of Club Ferrari France's members are here to avail the track which is reserved for them. Afetr a small walk, I'm sure that 2012 is the year of the 458 Spider...

The weateher is clear with just some clouds, perfect conditions for working.

One of events of the week-end is the F40 25th anniversary. Some cars are already on place. As the paddock is far to be full, it's very well for pics.

Runners are ready...

Noël Racing come back with it's yellow F40 with big preparation.

Here, we can see that recent cars and old cars are represented, but about 30 years of production seem to be missing..

Are you prefering extrem one or cruising one?

As usual, I find David Piper. I'm pleased to talk with him. He's 82years old but he always like driving his cars. This year he is came with the P4 and the 250 LM (275LM on base plate).

Charles Pozzi is coming with some cars but also with assistance. It's important for such tolls

Peter Mann, president of CFF, is always here for Sport et Collection. This year, he came with the 333sp and a F40LM lent for this week-end. He was saying that this car is really hard to drive because very unpredictable.

There is so much Ferrari, and much identical Ferrari than when I saw a different one, I shot the detail.

Enzo. It's time! Some years ago, we could seen 4 or 5 Enzo, this year, one. Perhaps they are all to sell, for waiting the next, or owner would prefer drive a 458, more easy and less expensive if damaged.... Joël Rivière is came with his on the road, but would not go to the track.

13 years and always so beautiful. The 360 Modena is "ridiculius" versus a 458, but it's a really good car for fan couldn't put hundred thousand euro...

To compare, the Dino is more and more expensive.

Excellent choice: Giallo Tristato and slim wheels.

In the Art-de-Vivre Village, I found a 550 Barchetta.

And just after, big surprise! A 250 GTO running to park. What a melody. Even if I saw an other one the week before in Italia, it's a real pleasure each time.

Are you thinking, like me, that the 458 Spider is most beautiful than the coupe? Open or closed, my choice is done.

A nice Dino near from the 550 Barchetta.

Final park for the GTO.

René Arnoux, probably waiting to drive.

Let's put Ferrari at side, and watch what cars are here. One Mc Laren MP4-12C. Sorry, not one, but 3 already in the place.

Aventador or Mc Laren? really differents...

My 3rd Lamborghini Gallardo Supertrofeo Stradale red again. Nice!

And to close this day, a british 2-Eleven going to track...

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