12th Lotus Jura Tour
August 2013


Text: Jacky FAVRE - Photos: Christelle SOMMEREISEN - Jacky FAVRE

The Lotus Jura Tour is one of the few summer events in which I'm participating. It's for Lotus fans an unmissable event. Some don't hesitate to do hundreds of miles to attend this ride in the Swiss Jura. Unfortunately, this year the weather was not very favorable to go out these small Englishcars.

After discovering this gathering in 2010 in the final stage , then followed them in 2011 and 2012, I had the pleasure this 2013 edition to travel inboard an Elise, and even to take wheel. In fact , I had already presented it in a first shoot, and then I explained that I'ld have the opportunity to see it quite regularly. The opportunities were not missed , even if each of them has not necessarily brought its photo report . For I confess, live this passion for cars ( which animates us all) behind the wheel is better than behind a lens. So naturally , the report of this year will be poorer than in 2012 , because it was not possible to stop anywhere no matter how to take pictures of other participants. In addition, the heavy rain of the first part did not give really want to get outside . However , if the photos are not many , I still thought of you to enjoy this pleasure through videos made from the cockpit.

As each year, we started at La Chaux-De-Fonds (CH) to arrive at Bure (CH). This is the 2013 map:

It was time that I had not released the K-way camera but I didn't have a choice. The 65 cars arrived gradually. The diversity of styles, colors as always amazing for the chap who misses effect. Without party regulars, we recognize some cars and some faces seen in previous years.

A brand new Exige S V6 was here, just came from Italia.

Roadbook in the hand, here we go!

Our pace was very careful because we didn't know the road, sometimes rainy downpour, the road was often dirty (dead leaves and gravel fresh!) And my driver did not want to break her mount. Here is a first video from over a wet road ...

After 117km nous came at the break, at la Fondation du Domaine de Bellelay. A magnificent Haras offering parking area ideal for all those Lotus.

Some tests with panorama mode ...

... and some details and other water games

The panel of Elise and Exige is always impressive, it happens not to distinguish between different versions of them!

This one waits quietly as I take its wheel. Yellows are many!

Among Seven had slipped a Westfield. Even more radical, it has no doors or windscreen. It really was not its day! Differences with 7 are more technical than aesthetic.

It is time for me to take the driver's seat, and luckily the clouds lift and dry fairly quickly. Here is a first video where I follow the convoy:

The pace is rather fast, and we feel the differences in driver and mount!

The group eventually scatter and I'm alone with an Elise MKI behind me but it seems to be satisfied with my pace.

And I finally get to the famous ascent of Rangiers, famous for its hill climb that took place the previous week. The advantage of the bad weather is that there is not a lot of people, and especially not bikers, very playful here.

And we arrive at Bure, many cars are already there. I drove for 100km and without habit is still challenging, especially when the car is not ours and it is better not to damage it. The sensations are really great, and ride together is something special.

I did not detail every car, but I tried not to stay on those already immortalized in previous years.

A first participation very rewarding. The fact of placing on the other side is really a new sensation . And hospitality received from the organization (Didier and Manu I sincerely thank ), as well as those who recognized the "photographer" of previous editions is great. If you had to choose between driving or taking pictures, my choice would be made. But don't worry, I'm not yet ready to stop my stories ...

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