11th Lotus Jura Tour
August 2012


Afetr ten years, It's not necessary to introduce the Lotus Jura Tour. If you don't know it, you can discover it on the report of 2011 edition. But to explain quickly, it is an amateur Rallye, without timing, on opened road in Jura (Switzerland), made for meeting Lotus fans (and Caterham, Opel Speedster...).

Didier and Emmanuel Guélat, faithful organizers, have invited 65 cars for a 200km travel in their beautiful country. For the second time, I was invited too, even if I don't own a Lotus, to follow them to realise this report. It's not easy to make it, because cars are going fast, and I would want to take picture of all, but not all at the same place. As all drivers aren't going at the same speed, a lot of small groups was naturally done. So I can always drive with Lotus. This is the road used..

Weather was not announced good, mais arrived at the start of the Rallye at La Chaux de Fond, the sun was here.

This is both Esprit owned by the organizers. It was the first time I saw the violet, Manu's one, however I was thinking him to do the Rallye but finally not, so I don't have a lot of pictures of it.

The cars are coming from all directions, and people were very astonished to see the park.

Look at this Final Edition Esprit. And some Seven (Lotus or Caterham).

S1, S2 or S3, Sport Tourer, S, SC and all colors of Elise.

Like for the Exige (S2 or S3), Exige S. Two Elan, from differents years, were here.

I left before the Lotus to find a good place to take pictures. Unfortunatally, when the Lotus came, they were so fast that all pics were missed. So I decided to follow this first group.

The biggest challenge was to work very fastly. When we have such a panel, we want to do the best, but we don't have time to change all camera parameters everytime. One solution, taking a lot of pics and sorting later. Christelle was in charge to take pictures during I was driving.

Work fastly is a problem, but one other was to can park the car and to find a good position for pics without danger.

I'm always afraid when I see some contestants stopped on the road side, but this time there was no problem. I stop too, to take them starting again.

Even if the Rallye is in Switzerland, there was some times in French side. Other decors, other pictures.

After the first part of the Rallye, everybody is stopped in a restaurant for a drink at the Hotel La Cigogne at Miecourt. But firsts arrived are here for half an hour, so they are coming just 10minutes after we stopped.

This blue Exige coming from France is really sexy. But I can't stay with it, I need to go farther to have a special place.

This is why, it's a tradition in the LJT, all years they are running at the Rangiers, known for it's mountain race. And I absolutelly wanted to take a lot of cars in this curves. It's a beautiful show. After the 3 turns, the cars are running just behind me, right feet on the floor! I have taken a lot of pics and I wanted to show you the maximum...

People starts to know me, so I received regards and light signal when they past me. It's a good felling sign.

The second part of the Rallye, from the break, is really short, so as I have decided to take all cars before, I know that I won't see them again before the finish place. I go to Bure for the last group pics or details pics.

Such a range!

When I was coming at the morning I have followed this British Racing Green Elise, and it open me the road to La Chaux de Fond. There is some pretty kilometers usually fun, but which take an other dimension when you try to follow a 195hp car for 900kg with a 120hp and near 1500kg one!

I'm not fan of the 7, too extrem for me, but they should be here too.

An Europa S, already seen last year.

A last run before going to eat, with all colors available.

This last car is not a Lotus, but it run with us today, and in spite of its color, and its brand, it followed them without difficults.The new Porsche Boxster is looking fun. But at side of a Lotus Elise, it's really fat.

An exceptional day finished around a good diner, when the rain starting to wash the car on the park. This year again, all was good. The organizaion very friendly and professional that I thanks very much for all. They do a loud work for having a funny day.

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