10th Lotus Jura Tour - August 2011


Text: Jacky FAVRE - Photos: Christelle SOMMEREISEN - Jacky FAVRE

Lotus Jura Tour is an event as there is so few. Organized by two brothers in love with Lotus, it collects only passionate owners to enjoy their mounts on the roads meandering of the Jura. For its 10th edition, the Lotus Tour Jura decided to collect 70 vehicles of the English Brand (or its derivatives: Caterham Super 7 or Opel Speedster). The program is very simple. We share all from point A to get to point B, guided by a very accurate roadbook and arrival is celebrated with a cocktail followed by dinner. On Sunday a shorter ride allows those who wish to ride a little longer.

We are on open roads, crossing the Franco-Swiss border multiple times, so there is no question of doing lap times. The timing allows you to find all the points of rallying together, whatever the chosen pace. And the timing had to be scrupulously observed this year, as the city from La Chaux de Fonds, generously closed an avenue to allow the exposure of cars in front of Espacité. For this it was necessary to arrive between 10:30 & 11 am, eating quietly on site then start precisely at 13H, all traffic light Avenue green. All participants seem to have been at the rendezvous, as the rain that we did not spare the morning and early afternoon. After a false start, I arrived on the scene only 20 minutes before departure time to find Manu who will give me the latest tips and attack the photos on the site.

Manu, one of Guélat brothers, is taken by his host role. He came with his Esprit V8, but will not participate in the journey. Preparations for the evening still required a lot of work. So his brother Didier, also owns a Esprit V8 that will accompany us on this day.

Before discovering the exposure of Lotus in front of Espacité of La Chaux de Fonds and on departure for the first part of the rally, I invite you to discover the course:

The only stage of the 225km course can bring us all the cars and meet over a coffee or a beer for the brave served at the hotel the Caquerelle. The fastest will have put 2h, the coolest 2:30.

Then we leave for the last 2 hours drive before arriving at Bure. The weather becomes milder, at least at times, enough to take some pictures while driving.

One obliged Lotus Jura Tour passages is the rise of the hill climb of Saint Ursanne, unfortunately, although the area is ideal for photos, all the cars we had already exceeded.

We arrive at Bure in the sun. All cars except one unfortunately victim of a road covered with a thick layer of gravel and ended its course in a rail. Substantial property damage, but the men are free.

I will not list all the vehicles present so there are variations of each model. But we had three generations of Esprit,

Europa S, the unloved of the 21st century.


I come back a little on the 2011 Elise that I had not yet had the opportunity to see from its presentation. 3 copies, all white, were here.

Finally, we had a panel of color worthy of a concession. If we had to make a choice? Better not to think about...

It is around a traditional ham we ended the evening entertained by a magic show.

Manu and Didier, the two brothers were able to once again showcase their passion. But this does not happen in a hurry. Then for such an organization implemented the approaches to the sponsors, town halls, the time and always smiling welcome, I want to thank them very sincerely. I do not forget the accompanying family and that helps immensely to the success of the event. Also thank you to the City of La Chaux de Fonds allow such a departure in convoy after exposure on the main artery of the city. I think I can say that all the participants look forward to the 11th edition.

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