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Text: Jacky FAVRE - Photos: Christelle SOMMEREISEN - Jacky FAVRE

10 years. This is the time it took me to wait for returning to the land of Enzo. 10 years is a long time. But with the various trips I do every year, the time and budget make that choices are needed. I knew the day I will go back to Maranello would be an opportunity to do everything in detail. And yet! This trip, hastily decided, was organized after lifting the curtain on more than interesting exhibition at the Galleria Ferrari, forgiveness, Museo Ferrari. Because yes, in 10 years many things have changed in this small village of Emilia Romagna: the factory, museum, tourism, almost all in fact, but I will return later. This exhibition runs from 26 October 2012 to 7 January 2013 and pays tribute to the cooperation of Pininfarina and Ferrari. Upon reflection, the trip will be over two days, just before the Christmas holidays: 20 and 21 December. I look at the accustomed places to choose a cozy hotel and decent price. This will be the new Maranello Villag. This is practically the only thing planned before departure. Indeed, not to force me, I do not anticipate that the visit to the Museo Ferrari in Maranello and the new Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari in Modena. The rest will be the feeling, because according to the weather in the month of December, you can expect anything. If like me, you still do not know the right places, good addresses, whether to sleep, eat, see Ferrari and everything that goes with one guide at your disposal, is a passionate enthusiasts: The ultimate guide to passionate Maranello by Arthomobiles.fre

Thursday, December 20th 2:00 am. We start at the scheduled time stack. This should give us a little room to be in place before the Museum opened at 9:30. With my new GPS I hope not to suffer loss of time as with the old. First surprise: just arrived in Basel, here (with TMC ) that I propose to avoid the Gotthard tunnel. Anything, I decided to ignore it. A few kilometers away, the light panels announce that the Gotthard highway is closed. OK, so we will make a detour of 80km! I crossed roads that look really nice day, when we know them and the weather is mild. Unfortunately, this is the first time I borrowed, it is night and the temperature drops to -15 ° which, despite my caution, bring me a small slip. Only warning necessary to further reduce the rate. We arrive in the Milan area, the sun rises, the fog falls. Too bad it is not yet here we will run, not fast, but at normal speed. We arrive at Modena in rush hour, I drive on the reserve for a few tens of kilometers already, it's time to give drink to the little Peugeot. It was 9:20 when I finally cut the engine in the car park of the Museo Ferrari in Maranello.

Barely out of the car, I hear a V8 roar, I turn my head and there I discovered stunned mullet of the future sports version of the Ferrari 458, called by some as "458 Monte Carlo." I did not even have time to think out the camera it is already gone. We do not see each other for two days, but it was a nice welcome! It is time to attack the visit because we are not the only ones there and I do not want there to be too many people for photos. I deliberately chose to divide my trip to several reports, so you do not have a single article too long. I will begin to introduce you to the Museo, but not the main exhibition. There is already plenty to do! We start from the outside, which despite a small renewal compared to 2002 is a bit older. Especially the two models in wood exposed.

I'll spare you the details of the shop at the entrance and the cafeteria. Start with these cars:
166 F2 from 1951; 500 F2 from 1951; F1 312 T4 from 1979; F1 89 from 1989 and F2011 from 2011

The competition will always be important for Ferrari, although he concedes the museum little space. In addition to cars, there is a stand of GP, a collection of engines and the evolution of Formula 1 miniature. In the room after you enter against Enzo, an office rebuilt exactly his.

The large round room is often used for temporary exhibitions, at the moment we have 8 F1, all world champions. The collection of trophies is impressive.

While below is a tribute to all the drivers world champion driving a Ferrari.

The logo of Ferrari models has always evolved, as the name itself. It is original to make a great part of them like this:

The decoration of the room upstairs again aerodynamic models or style of different models on a backlit. It is beautiful to see, but against the light insured for shooting.

The bridge that leads to the last piece has other models blower, larger scale this time. We can see that the details are well represented and that the possibility of modification and/or adjustment is thorough. We have a 458 Italia then 599XX Evo.

On the other side of the bridge is now an exhibition about Gilles Villeneuve who left us 30 years ago. Anecdotes, photos, helmet, personal effects and of course Ferrari. There's Formula Indy 1986 that Villeneuve was instrumental in developing. A 126 CK 1981 with which he won Monte Carlo and the Spanish GP. And finally, the oldest, a 308 GTS with whom he won the speed record for running from Monte Carlo to Maranello in just 2:25 to cover the 432 km. And if this record has never been beaten since there is little chance for that to happen given the current road safety policy.

That is the Galleria, the main one being to come. It's past midday and I decided to eat at the Ristorante Il Cavallino mythical. On the road I discovered the new buildings of the Scuderia, then we arrive at the entrance of the historic Ferrari factory. The restaurant is just opposite.

After lunch, I headed for the Fiorano circuit. It soon 2:00 p.m. and I said there might be runs. On the way, I pass another tribute to Gilles Villeneuve, permanent this time, a stele at the entrance of the street that bears his name. I go to the entry for confirmation here, you see nothing!

Turn and management point of view known to be "clear", that is to say who can see the track. Shortly after arriving, I hear an engine start. Certainly, this day is really a success. A 458 Challenge appears yellow, even with its protections. Fences resembling rather thick grids, photos are complicated. Some have "bands" vertical darker it is the effect caused by the grids. This does not preclude some good results.

Latter point of view, in front of the curve.

It is time to retrace our steps and lead us to the factory to see vehicles from out of line under test. Each car hand for a test about an hour. And although it seems unlikely, we pass another 458 Challenge on the road! And first F12 which comes. Two FF pass, but the second concerns me because of its presentation plate "FF". After verification, the vehicle configuration is presented in Paris and inaugurated the new glass roof. I think it is the same car and the tests are not yet finalized.

Walking around the factory, we note that either the name or the emblem of Ferrari is clearly visible. Even if the photo is missed, I wanted to show you a 458 Spider returning from its test because its configuration is not trivial: matte black body and yellow interior. And we finally arrive at the roundabout where the throne metal statue representing the Cavallino Rampante. From a completely personal opinion, I find this rather ugly sculpture.

Although this is not really recommended, except by spotters, be on the roundabout ensures see it a Ferrari at least once every quarter hour. All inputs and all outputs are used as testers do not always take the same road. It is also a must for trucks that retrieves Body Zanassi non-compliant vehicles, requiring editing in their workshops. We also view some of the factory buildings, including engine test benches, recognizable chimneys on the roof. We are in town on a roundabout, but it holds little testers, and some do not hesitate to move at high speeds. We also saw some new versions of Maserati Quattroporte.

After a good time spent on the roundabout, we decided to go on the side of the main entrance of the factory. When noise concerns me. I find it hard to make the time to draw a picture I nickel, but the car is masked by the guard rail! This gives an idea of the height of the beast! I run back to the roundabout, fortunately, at this time there is traffic and that I did not expect even giving way. The exposure time is reduced but sufficient to present the F150, F70 commonly called: the successor to the Ferrari Enzo.

Unfortunately, it took the first exit, then I started to go round the roundabout, thinking it returned to the factory. I never see it againbut its sound has resonated for a moment. Two mules running currently in Maranello passed before me in the same day. It is a reward for getting up at 1am and drives 700km. But night falls and I would like to make the entrance to the factory. Here is a 458 that will make a half dozen laps roundabout. The job certe pleasant tester must not be obvious to all.

So here we are at the main entrance, next to the blower.

Back to the car to return to the hotel. Convoys still weird as this half car with a V8 next. Prerequisite to FerrariStore though, and it is remarkable to me, I did not buy anything.

I'm not going to detail the hotel, but be aware that it is new, well located, comfortable, reception is open 24/24 and speaks French, English ... The rooms are spacious and quiet. To get an idea, ours is one of the brochure. Paid € 88 per night for 2, breakfast and tax included. The decor is totally oriented Ferrari in order not to change mood. The restaurant is excellent. I recommend the beef tenderloin for 2 people.

Fridays. Wake up at 7:00. Generally, during auto trips, we get up much earlier, but the day's program offers us this lie, just enough. We head to Modena to visit the new Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari. It has a very specific architecture. Because after rebuilt exactly the birthplace of the Commendatore is a huge building with yellow roof, taking the form of a hood that complements the museum, temporary exhibitions which may move us regularly. I will return to the show itself in another report. For now, presentation venues.

The mixture of old and new can not please everyone, but the result is nice though. Remains to be seen how this yellow will age.

Leaving the museum, we still have time before us. I decided to pull up Sant'Agata Bolognese, Lamborghini stronghold, through San Cesario sul Panaro, in Pagani. But leaving Modena, I recognize the location of the Carrozeria Scaglietti, which are assembled body. I decided to mark off course. The extruded aluminum welded frame are delivered and stored outside before receiving aluminum foil that will form the body.

The tour will continue in Pagani, but we see almost nothing from the outside. Lamborghini, we visited the museum, but again, it will be another page, the last for this express trip to Italy. How to conclude this article other than telling you that my appreciation has exceeded all my expectations. And even if the pictures do not always do justice to reality, when there is as passionate, you can not be disappointed. Obviously, a big thank you to Nicolas for his advice and guide.

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