Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este 2014


Text: Jacky FAVRE - Photos: Christelle SOMMEREISEN - Jacky FAVRE

Day 1:

Back on the banks of Como Lake on the third weekend of May for the famous Concourso d'Eleganza de la Villa d'Este. As usual, the organization remains discreet on competitors to not disclose the list a few days before the opening. But this year I had informations a month before, with the announcement of 8 Ferrari. This is a great program. And yet, at the publication of entries, I discovered that there will in fact 10 Ferrari. This may seem little but the difference is not negligible because the clock is ticking on site for beautiful shots. The weather looks good overall, and will even be excellent with just a quick storm on Friday late morning. Whew! Because this first day was very busy. That is why I decided to publish a page for each day. So let's start with the presentation entrants must pass the usual checks.

In the category "Villa d'Este Style" the first Ferrari is this 195 Inter 1950 coachwork by Ghia Chassis # 0101 S

The combination of white exterior and blue interior is sublime. Note the inclusion of a hood badge emblem.

Villa d'Este without California becomes unthinkable. Here is a 250 GT LWB Spider 1959 in the category "From St-Tropez to Portofino." Chassis # 1203 GT.

In the same category, a other 250 GT Cabriolet, but coachbulding by Pinin Farina in 1960. Chassis #1881 GT.

Until its owner leads it to verifications we could enjoy the beauty for a first photo shoot with the hood closed. Thank you Étienne!

Then, after passing under the eyes of experts, the owner kindly agreed to put his car at various strategic points of the Villa. We realized a lot of pictures, it is difficult to show you all. But here are the most significant.

Failing to inform me specifically on models in advance, I am pleased to discover upon arrival. This is the case of the Ferrari 250 GT SWB, one of three made ​​by Bertone in 1959. Peculiarities class it in the category "The Fuoriserie". Chassis # 1739 GT. The front is reminiscent of the Lusso, but the grids protecting the headlights and wearing the Cavallino make it more aggressive.

The bonnet badge is surprisingly over-sized, and big feature also: opening the hood makes the complete front face switch. On its sides reads Prototype EW, the initials of its first owner: Enrico Wax.

Although its body is gray we can see that the roof is it directly brushed metal. The effect is very elegant. The rear lights have this so specific prototypes appearance, as if it were a large scale model.

The interior, like the engine are immaculate. But we always notice unusual items, such as indicators on the board of the passenger side or the shape of the frame of the front edge.

Go to the category "Gentleman driver" with this beautiful 250 GT Tour de France # 0677 GT with contrasting colors. The paint job is amazing.

The transition to the next is done naturally. Indeed, in the garage I found the Tour de France parked next to the 250 GT Interim 1959. I missed out, but I try to take advantage of my tripod to get some shots.

It's the chassis #1519 GT.

While I'm in the garage, I stopped on the 500 TRC 1957 (# 0658 MDTR), bodied by Scaglietti. This line is reminiscent of the 250 TR. A master pencil stroke.

But in fact I could see before, during audits.

And most importantly, it will be apparent for a photo shoot. This time, I can not hold me to put a lot of pictures. This line, this décor and the weather clearly set the tone for this weekend!

A little tune of Enzo Ferrari this Italian owner! The feeling at the moment is amazing. And his sympathy to move his car commands respect.

While many photographers leave the place because shadows that come caress the car, I took the opportunity to detail without disturbing anyone.

Manual work necessary to achieve such a body has no relation to the modern industry. And yet the finish is perfect.

The last Ferrari committed is (like 500TRC) in category "Da Corsa". It is a 250 GTO of 1963. It is always difficult to say a GTO so specialists like to be precise with them. It is therefore # 4675 GT has a model 64 body, but its front is unique to this chassis. This is the first time I see it, because it didn't participate in the 50th Anniversary Tour of the GTO.

An invitation to board? If only ...

This is good, 12 trumpets are there! But this isn't enough because due to battery failure, the car will not go away in the garage. For us it's better!

Obviously, during the first day we have not seen only Ferrari. But they are my priority. Here is to continue, a few other models that have marked this day of Friday.

Start with the Alfa Romeo 6C 3000cm Pinin Farina Superflow IV. Its uniqueness lies in its fully glazed roof and each part overlooking the cockpit just slide under the rear window.

A 16-cylinder Maserati! Another surprise that we can only discover here. This is a 1929 V4 Sport.

Maserati, which is the centenary, is entitled to a specific category. So we continue with this 1953 A6GCS bodied by Pinin Farina.

Maserati 450 S which went too fast, but that will be found in the report on Saturday.

Porsche are rare here. Here is a 904 GTS 1964.

A Shelby American 427 Competition Cobra made in 1965.

Here the last minute surprise, since not even announced in the list of participants. This is the Lamborghini 5-95 Zagato. The five signifying the fifth collaboration between Lamborghini and Zagato and "95" the number of years of existence of the coachbuilder. This model, based on a Gallardo Superleggera is not just a concept, it is to make 5 copies of which the first was delivered to its owner, a great Swiss collector, on this occasion. The style was fairly criticized on the web, but it is often the case with models of Zagato.

A good first day for one of the most beautiful events in which we participate. All cars we crossed were not presented because it is difficult to cover everything and you may have noticed, two Ferrari still missing. 212 Inter was checked on Thursday and remained in the garage under its cover today and a 250 Europa, also confirmed yesterday that went for a ride all day. You can find them on Saturday.

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