Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este


Text: Jacky FAVRE - Photos: Christelle SOMMEREISEN - Jacky FAVRE

The Concorso d'Eleganza at the Villa d'Este take place each year at the Como Lake riviera the 3rd saturday of May and the sunday for public day. But, used to see reports from the friday (Especially on I have decided this year to go there on friday morning. It's better to avail with a cooler rythm and above all because of at saturday there is too much people to take pictures.

As what I have just said was check, I propose you to discover this report, day after day, and for each one, Ferrari part firstable.

To start, even if the sun is shinning, I decide to go to the underground park of the hotel to see which car is already in. With my experience, I now know this paradise place.
What could be better to start than a beautiful 250 LM? The place is not perfect but I can't resist to stay a moment.

Perhaps a 250 GTO just coming from Texas will confirm why we're here! This time, so rare, are always magical and exclusive. So I really took time to appreciate it and I had also luck to talk with the owner, really friendly. My english is not perfect (you probably seen it on my reports), mostly to talk, but whatever... He explain me that some modifications were done to use the GTO daily (Yes, this car isn't staying in a private museum !!) but to take part of the concourso, it should be as in 1962. So, goodbye side mirrors, lateral glass air intakes, ground carpet, protections for roll cage, american licenses plates...

What could I answer when he proposed to me to see the engine? With pleasure! THANKS

I continue my visit one stage lower where a model is protected by a cover. Back of the car seems something known, but front will stay secretly different from what we could think...

After some times underground, I go out to discover a beautiful 400 Superamerica owned by Peter S. Kalikow. We can see Pininfarina work with a special aerodynamic line at the back of the car.

I go to one of the best place where un spider 212 Inter Pininfarina pose for the famous photograph Günther Raupp, just the only one making pictures for Ferrari calendar for about 30years. Even if everybody doesn't like his work it's always interesting to watch him working to understand the color work. His material just make me a tourist with my Nikon D80.
I choose to loose no time and go to an other car seen behind.

Parked just to take some pictures, we can see that this 250 GT Zagato is really elegant.

And it's going to an other famous place for pictures. Quickly sequence, but desired by all. Sorry for the Rolls behind, I need to do with.

The 212 Cabriolet comes too.

The Zagato found an other good place. It's important to do these pictures now because tomorrow this place will be full.

We can heard engine behind the hotel, where technical checking are done. Here, I discover a particular car, just restored for the concorso. I meet Etienne who introduced it to me. So it's a 1954 250 Europa build by Vignale. There is so much details that opposate it to the Zagato elegance.

Midday is past and I'm hungry. We woke up at 4:30AM, the breakfast is a far souvenir. On the restaurant road, we cross a new participant: A 250 GT Europa Pininfarina.

Filled, we found again the 400 Superamerica under Raupp's cameras.

It's time to go back to the park to see which cars were arrived. I prefer telling you that some days ago I saw the list of participants, but I haven't taken information about the cars. I knew there would be a 250 GT Spider California but I wasn't prepared to see such a wonder. Even if this car was build in red at Maranello, I really understood why the owner decided to re-paint it with an other 1961 catalog color.

After long time with the Califorbnia, I saw people around the covered car. The secret is unveiled. This is the prototype n°1 of the 365GTB/4 Daytona.

More classical, but always liked, the 250 GT Lusso is affiliated to the dynastie of 250 GT.

I recognized the 250 GT Europa crossed some hours ago.

And to finsih the first day, I'm waiting for the 250 GTO, to see it in its final configuration, ready for concorso and gain that the 250 LM was now parked just at side of the GTO.

Afer such a day, I could imagine the best for two next day. An exceptional meeting particularly with the hommage to 250 GT and Heroes of Le Mans.

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