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Text: Jacky FAVRE - Photos: Christelle SOMMEREISEN - Jacky FAVRE

To conclude my trip to Maranello, we made a detour in Sant'Agata Bolognese, the stronghold of another prestigious Italian brand: Lamborghini. The museum is built in the factory, which is also very new and modern, featuring the same style as the concessions, namely black glass.

I don't pretend to know the history of Ferrari, because of its complexity and richness, but for Lamborghini, I have no doubt, I do not know anything! So this report will not vocation you learn about the brand or model because most of them were unknown to me. It is more of a discovery models that have punctuated the history of Bulls.

The museum is quite large and the number of cars rather important. But first decoration that includes a former established with mechanical parts, engines or wheels collection.

One of my discoveries was the Formula 1. Associated with teams like Minardi or Lola Larousse, Lamborghini motorized F1 in the 80s. Not surprisingly, an affront to the Scuderia.

In another domain, which is not without remembering Ferrari, there are boat engines, but Offshore boats made to reach breathtaking speeds on the water.

And cars. Weather in against a grizzled day, added to a tour bus arrived at the museum I was not able to take time to detail the car, I did it quickly before the museum was invaded. Beginning in 1964 with the 350 GT:

1966 - 400GT

1968 - Islero

1969 - Miura P400S

1970 - Jarama 400GT

1971 - Miura P400SV

1972 - P250 Urraco

1974 - Countach LP400

1981 - Jalpa 3.5

1986 - LM

1986 - P132

1988 - Countach 25th Anniversary

1988 - P140

1992 - Diablo Roadster Concept

1997 - Kanto

1997 - P147

1998 - Diablo GT2

2001 - Diablo 6.0 SE

2001 - Murcielago

2004 - Gallardo Polizia

2005 - Concept S

2006 - Miura Concept

2007 - Reventon (My first!)

2008 - Estoque

2009 - Murcielago SV and engine

2011 - Aventador. This Chassis was introduced at Geneva Motorshow before the car.

2011 - Gallardo LP560

2011 - Gallardo Supertrofeo Stradale

2012 - Aventador Roadster. While only pictures were unveiled to the press, I came face to face with this car that has not yet made ??its first public appearance. The lights do not really highlight color Blu Azzurro.

As if not enough Aventador Roadster as a surprise, I met Valentino Balboni, tester of the brand for many years. Very nice, he took the time to chat with a few fans who recognized.

Thus ends this journey of two days in Italy. A really nice trip that does one wish to go back soon!

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